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Workshop 27/10 pt.2

For the second part of the workshop I began to cut out frames of the picture using a viewfinder. I tried to do this quite randomly. Then by placing the images next to each other a narrative begins to emerge.




Narrative workshop. 27/10 pt.1


The event.The emotion.The place.

For this workshop I filled three A2 pages with drawings. One was to represent a place, the next an event and the third an emotion. It was interesting in how many people became more abstract when illustrating the emotion.

Bad Television.2

Going back to using b-movies as a theme for my narrative, this illustration is obviously about the dangers of bad TV. The TV is intentionally made to look very old fashioned, perhaps 50’s style? A lot of b-movies are about fear of the future or the unknown so in a way this a nod towards no one really worrying about TV or the media, but between them they have brainwashed millions of people and taken over the planet. The character on the screen is possibly  a reference towards  blaxploitation movies / king kong / boogyman horror.

Generating narrative?

These images are experiments with drawing the same image repeatedly in a loose style so that the images are all different but the same, then adding random text in this case newspaper cuttings or incoherent mumbles using letraset. I think the characters when placed next to each other ,immediately, even without the text, begin to create notions of narrative. Maybe that it because we are so used to images being place in this way to show a story. The random words are more signs that we instinctively reference to our own experiences and our brains try to fill in the gaps.


Dr. Sketchys


More burlesque life drawing. I especially enjoy these sessions because it is so informal and fun. You have to work freely and that suits me. I like the freshness in the drawings. Im also pleased with the soft focus photography this time! I enjoy the blues and mauves that have been conjured by poor light……