16th October 2010

So college life is already flying by at an unfeasible rate, two weeks gone already. So here’s a little catch up of what i’ve been doing so far.

I started out thinking about narrative, did I want to write my own story? or did I want to use somebody else’s? I was already certain that I wanted to make a book, at least as part of my project. Parlour games such as Consequences and the Exquisite Cadaver often generate their own kind of narrative so I began looking at them.


I was especially interested in Consequences, either pictures or dialog, so I began to experiment visually with the concept of generating random narrative.

Random images from Bizarre and Skin Two magazine combined, inspired by picture consequences.

Images drawn whilst watching Walk the Line.

Having found a copy of bizarre magazine and a copy of Skin Two, i randomly chose photographs which i drew from combining them in a similar way to picture consequences.

I also started drawing whilst watching movies, Walk the line and Tremors were the first two. This was particularly interesting because even though the images were rushed and very random you immediately started making up a narrative when they were placed together; albeit nothing like the narrative in the film.

I also began to research b-movies as a particular area of interest. I like it that the least important part of a b-movie is the narrative. The story really matters little so long as it gives a platform for the beasts, blood and boobs.

Blood, Boobs & Beast is the name of a documentary about Don Dohler a director of many b and z grade films who also made underground comix, namely WILD

Despite its small print run, Wild was one of the more respected fanzines of its era. Though it evolved towards becoming a prozine, it never quite made it and the publication was abandoned in 1963 after the original art for its ambitious tenth issue was destroyed by a flood in Dohler’s basement. But previous issues had featured contributions from Jay Lynch, Art Spiegelman and Skip Williamson, who became luminaries in the underground comix scene. http://comixjoint.com/projunior-1st.html

I am a massive fan of b-movie posters.

B-movie doodle.

Storyboard for The Hangover.

Having originally thought that I would make a story with random narrative, I then had an idea for a story!  It’s about a giant bear who wakes up and go’s on a b-movie style rampage. He gets more and more wild before being blown off a huge tower and falls to the floor in the same position that he woke up in. I was playing with the idea of making a pull out hand made concertina style circular book, so the narrative just goes round and round.

Experiments in style for The Hangover.

I have been trying to decide how to draw this book- if i decide to make it. I like working in a very quick rough style because of the life and expression you can achieve, but i know i want to screen print my final piece so i’m wondering if a bolder , vector drawn style might suit this better. Ideally I think it would be a mix of both.


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