Monthly Archives: November 2010

Amorous ape

An amorous ape – inspired by Angkor ( 1937 – something wierd video collection ).


Animation workshop

This image is from when making a cut out puppet for the animation workshop tomorrow.I liked the feel of this composition so saved it.

Experiments with my prints

Image made using photoshop and scans of my prints. I like that it feels like its been cheaply stuck together. Like a b movie..

I think there is quite a good sense of space/sci-fi in this image.

Adding a bit of text ( Feast of Flesh font ). Really like the line and mottled print effects.

2nd print

I enjoy the different print qualities.

Enlargements have good quality.

For my second print I took several of the images that I had made so far and printed them altogether on on page to see if different styles were more suitable to printing than others.

First prints.

This is a two colour screen print made from 2 of 4 colour separates, printed on rough cartridge paper. I am looking for qualities analogous to the qualities in B-movies. I like the lines created by an uneven pull and the areas where the ink is too thick and has created a pattern. Also the alllignment is slightly off.

The allignment does create a sense of depth – or even the badly made early 3D movies.

This one colour print is on even rougher sugar paper. It picks up more ink than the cartridge tends to bleed heavily. I like the mistakes caused by bits of water on the screen.

As with the digital experiments I love the qualities that are enhanced when they are enlarged.

Screen print acetate experiments.

Having chosen an image to screen print, I made 4 colour CYMK separations printed onto acetate. The three images above are made from scanning the separations into photoshop and recreating the screen print process digitally. The resolution of the acetates is 65 LPI ( lines per inch ) which is very low . This was to look at how low res might emulate the feel of cheap movies.

Magenta separation. scanned and coloured using colour balance in Photoshop.

I love the half tone low res quality when these images are enlarged.

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

Moving the yellow separate out of alignment.

Moving all the colours creates a real sense of movement and depth.