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Metamorphosis animation.

The complete set of drawings for my animation.



Having agreed to make a poster for the next Open Illustration forum, I suggested the name Metamorphosis to fit in with the header ‘ Interpretation and adaption in Illustration’. I saw this as also fitting into my work on b-movies because of films such as The Fly or The Wolfman. Transformation, mutation and metamorphosis are at the heart of many good fantasies.

Wikipedia says this about metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is a biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change in the animal’s body structure through cell growth and differentiation. Some insectsamphibiansmolluscscrustaceansCnidariansechinodermsand tunicatesundergo metamorphosis, which is usually accompanied by a change of habitat or behavior.

The Metamorphosis is a novella by Franz Kafka ( first published 1915 ), it tells the story of a hardworking man ( Gregor Samsa ) who wakes up one day transformed into an awful vermin, possibly an insect . His initial struggle to just get out of bed begins a story of self realisation and social commentary.

There is an excellent made for TV version of a screenplay ( adapted by Steven Berkoff )  Metamorphosis (  1987 ) starring Tim Roth as Gregor Samsa. It’s worth watching for Tim Roths excellent acting as a repulsive insect.

Tim Roth as Gregor Samsa

Some Illustrations based on Metamorphosis

Peter Kupa

Robert Crumb

Luis Scafati

Katie Evans

Eda Akalton

Aimee Johnson

Inspired by the Metamorphosisstarring Tim Roth I started making rough outlines of my hands and trying to suggest metamorphosis, the film very cleverly uses silhouettes and shadow.

Later I found this image by an unknown artist at The American Nicaraguan School ( ) which i find very beautiful.

The Fly ( 1958 ) remains a horror classic about a mans metamorphosis into part fly. It spawned a sequel then a remake ( 1986 ) and another sequel.

Coloured stills from The Fly (  1958 )

I made some sketches of film stars, here is Diana Dors and Vincent Price.

This is Charlie Chaplin ( The Tramp ) as a butterfly.

In this one I gave him a briefcase and an apple, the apple is a reference to Kafka ( an apple is thrown into Gregor Samsas back in the story ) and might the briefcase suggest that the tramp is actually now a working man.

This is Charlie Chaplin as a Werewolf / Vampire.

Steam Punks

These pictures were made for a new years eve poster but happily fall into the realm of my project. Steampunks have roots in such trashy classics as Mad max and terrible comedys like Wild Wild West.

Scans from different stages of my steam punk drawing.

Bell shaped spaceship .. one for the dirty doodles collection.

Developing my book…

In my tutorial with Mat we agreed that it was time to move my project on and start making plans for the final outcome. I decided on a size and format for my book based on 16 pages in a circle and another 16 on the inside of the circle. I made a rough and tried to fit in as many of my ideas as possible. This was a good process because some elements began to fit together. The images above are a drawing from my rough during which Ideas were abandoned and new ones found. I will now make a screen print of this image although I do not envisage it as ready for the final print. I will need to redo it because im not happy with some of the elements and I didnt mean it to be quite so dark.