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More Experiments with my print


Adding coloured pencil to the print.

I’ve been interested for a while now in the idea of combining screen print process and drawing / painting  / relief work. Here I have used coloured pencil and chalks on top of a mono colour screenprint. I will try it again with a more limited complementary palette but I thinm it works well.

This is a mono print with charcoal, chalk and pencil colours .

Robert Crumb

Robert Crumb started to become known as almost the cartoon figurehead of the alternative scene in the Late 1960’s. His ‘keep on truckin cartoon inspired my little sketchbook homage above. He says he became famous too soon. When he started drawing his perverse sexual fantasies ‘ they all went away again..’

Final Poster DEsign and early prints/experiments

I love this close up, especially the sexy mouth and the ‘clubs’ composition.

I love this blurry close up, lovely colours.

Experiments with screen printing my poster.

I split the poster onto two silk screens, one for the background colour leaving some areas white, and one for the detail. Above are some experiments with different colours and also layering colours. In discussion with the Tutors we decided on a yellow ochre background and a dark brown detail. Although I found a dark blue on top of the dark bround added greater depth.

This is the final version of the poster before print, it was important to get all the details correct including the right placing of appropriate logos. The wolfman image was added after I had to move the Falmouth logo and a space was created. ( Actually it also says Woodlane Lecture Theatre on the final final version.