Metamorphosis continued.

The ideas behind this potential poster for the open forum all come from my work on b movies and the theme of metamorphosis. The woman is based on a image showcasing steampunk googles. I added more lenses to her glasses which is meant to be a metaphor for an insect or a spider. This is the first metamorphosis. Reflected in the lenses are my wolfman animation, this hopefully suggests to the viewer that as she is looking at you, you are performing the second metamorphosis. Cutting the pisture into 9 sections ( this actually ussee two diffent drawings of the same picture ) is meant to represent either the different views you see as you change shape or the segmented vision of a fly as in the classic movie poster.

The Charlie Chaplin butterfly came fro looking at Kafkas metamorphosis and uses the tramp to suggest a change of fortunes but also hint at the metamorphosis of b movies into the mainstream.



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