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The Printed book..

I have screen printed an edition of 10 books. Each one has an original cover in one or two colours. My book is a visual response to B-movies whilst considering the suspension of disbelief, the spectacle of excess and Freud’s tendacious jokes. A theme of voyeurism has occurred and a small narrative has emerged although that was not intentional to begin with. I was looking to find qualities in screen printing that are analogous to those of b-movies, so I have taken the cheap route with sugar paper and cheap paint and in the process have welcomed many mistakes and not always taken the route towards the highest quality outcome if there was a cheaper faster approach. Im hoing to try and describe some of the thinking behind my imagery although as it is pulled together from many many sources I will not be able to shed light on all of the original thinking.

The inside pages are all printed in one colour (process cyan) . This image relates to Freuds tendacious jokes and the idea that jokes allows people to circumnavigate mental obstacles and enjoy hostile or sexual material.

The first pages are meant to set the tone. This book is about looking. The eyes are actually drawings of breasts and the glasses are splateered with blood and turned towards you suggesting that you should look through them.

The next spread is meant to take us inside someones head, origially my drawing was imagining looking out from a hockey mask ( ala Friday 13th) or a cross section of a mentalists head. The view is like a peepshow drawing on imagery inspired by exploitation movies and introducing a theme of metamorphosis or mutation. The left image shown here is bright because a few were printed on better quality paper.

My only direct reference to a 50’s cinema, we have a wolfman, a nuclear explosion, crowds of people and an exploited actress with a killer lurking. Then skip forward in time and giant monsters tear a city apart and peek through the window at 3 girls in a bath. The original Godzilla was released roughly ten years after Hiroshima and Godzilla himself originally embodied a nations fear of incredible destruction and tragedy. In the foreground a man is seen with animal hands – is he himself transforming.

Some early B movies , especially those by Ed Wood are famous for bad acting , dialogue and film quality. Sometimes props or cameras can be seen when not intended. By drawing myself drawing at my desk I hoped to emulate this. The hand could either be seen as inspiration tapping me on the shoulder ( although im too busy to notice) or maybe its the reader or the viewer even disbelief trying to get my attention. The critic/psychologist/reader in the chair watches a family on stage. I have talked about his family elsewhere,we’ll just call them ‘the aristocrats’!.This scene almost mirrors the right side where a honeymooning couple encounter a hitchiking man with an axe….

A soft focus close up of some crying eyes looking at Charlie Chaplin as a butterfly , imagery which came from looking at Kafkas metamorphosis. In my mind Chaplin as the Tramp is a Gregor Samsa who didnt die.

I didnt think a work on B Movies would be right without a zombie apocalypse. In the background the 50s cinema goers watch the madness. I also had in mind Invasion of the Bodysnatchers when drawing the 50’s people all looking in unison contolled by a hive mentality.

Again the peeper, muatation, metamorphosis, the classic poster image of a woman in a monsters arms, blood, breasts and beasts…

In the final pages we may be seeing our reflection, has this book changed us? By viewing this material have we become a monster?

A Gorilla and a naked woman.. King Kong etc.




Deborah Levy etc

Deborah Levy taught us how to take a simple idea and develop it as far as possible to create layers and complexity. Her lecture on the princess who believed she had swallowed a glass piano was very inspiring and thought provoking. In her workshop we looked at Freuds ‘Wolfman’ and as a class created a visual response.

The picture above shows the Wolf following Pankejeff from Russia to Austria.

This is Pankejeff in later life when he thought he had had a hole drilled in his nose.

Close up nose hole.

A Waxy Membrane Ploughed with Precision Contains My Hand,

Ink on Paper a New Books Spine,

Mouse with an Ear on its Back.


My name etc,

I was born etc,

My parents etc,etc.

I went to school etc in the south west etc,

When i was four etc,

My mother said etc,

This was a mistake.

When I was seven we etc,

Mum got upset etc,

Dad went etc,

Countryside etc.