Deborah Levy etc

Deborah Levy taught us how to take a simple idea and develop it as far as possible to create layers and complexity. Her lecture on the princess who believed she had swallowed a glass piano was very inspiring and thought provoking. In her workshop we looked at Freuds ‘Wolfman’ and as a class created a visual response.

The picture above shows the Wolf following Pankejeff from Russia to Austria.

This is Pankejeff in later life when he thought he had had a hole drilled in his nose.

Close up nose hole.

A Waxy Membrane Ploughed with Precision Contains My Hand,

Ink on Paper a New Books Spine,

Mouse with an Ear on its Back.


My name etc,

I was born etc,

My parents etc,etc.

I went to school etc in the south west etc,

When i was four etc,

My mother said etc,

This was a mistake.

When I was seven we etc,

Mum got upset etc,

Dad went etc,

Countryside etc.



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