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more shark.


Samuel Fallours.

Cornish Shrimp (inspired by Samuel Fallours)

In 1719 Samuel Fallours published the first colour catalogue of fish. Whilst working as a clergymans assistant on the Island of Ambon in Indonesia local fisherman would bring him fish which he then painted. He would sell these to European buyers, Only 100 copies of his book were made making it one of the rarest natural history books on Earth.

It is estimated that Fallours invented at least 10% of the creatures he painted. He also used colour arbitarily and adorned fish with stars,moons and small pots of flowering plants.

He also invented fabulous stories such as a lobster that lived in the trees and a four legged angler fish that followed him around like a dog. Not to mention the mermaid he kept in his bath…

I was attracted to Samuel Fallours drawings because of the lovely simple style an the exciting use of colour. I also like the fantasy and blurry lines between what is and what isnt true. I want to use a lot of colour for my next body of work so I may try to emulate Fallours methods with the wildlife of cornwall.

A pencil study based on some of his drawings.