I’m feeling quite inspired and excited about the shape my second project is taking. It will have two main themes – Pop UP! and NONsense!

Nonsense will be inspired by the usual candidates such as Edward Lear, Edward Gorey, Spike Milligan, Lewis Carrol, Dr.Zeus and parlour games such as the ones i played as a child. I will continue my work on Fallours and his nonsense creations whilst making a pop up book inspired by the beach and Goreys wonderful pop up The Dwindling Party. I would like to screen print a pop up in the style of Dr.Zeus.

John Vernon Lords book Illustrating Lear was particularly helpful and gave me a much greater insight into Lears life. Joel Stewarts illustrated Jabberwocky showed how a nonsense might interpreted for children.

I have always enjoyed a bit of paper enginering and I have found it a useful way of bringing my beach sketches together to create a whole. A useful book in the library explained a multitude of different techniques used in pop up books.


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