Whale developments…..

The whale page is near the end of the book and needs to be very dramatic. A whale comes up and swallows the bait ball, everyone except fussy prawn.In this version I have tried to use the best elements of my previous attempts.I have also suspended the prawn on some fishing wire which i think works very well. I need to redo the creatures in the whales mouth by maybe losing the white edges and add ing to the whale image in photoshop rather than sticking on.

These were my first whales. I like them but in the story there is only 1 and he is swallowing lots of fish.This wasmy next version, i love the effect of the shadow, but it lacks the excitement of the first whales.This was the next attempt with a specifically drawn background with waves that work well. But the waves around the whales head dont fit in and it still needs more drama.


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