2nd project recap and evaluation pt.2 with added brainstorm.

Basking 4.

From this point on it was a continuous process of evaluation and improvement

Cans 3.

I made lots of new drawings, some like this one were intended as backgrounds.

I found compositions I liked by photographing and cropping.

I developed my story, adding new characters and more drawings.

The Whale scene gave me lots of problems ,  although  i liked the first one I wanted to make it just one whale and for it to be visibly swallowing fish.I wanted the text to resemble a Victorian newspaper or leaflet so that my fish were wrapped in newspaper. Once I had settled on a page size and shape I worked out the text and this gave me a framework that allowed me to arrange my pop ups effectively and start to create my final working rough.

Bait Ball.

Close ups bait ball.

Even closer.

Whale ( minus prawn)

Finally for the whale I went back to my original drawings because they had the most impact.

Cans.The Dark.

I was disappointed with the print quality for this page, but the page is much improved byt the pop out which has the text and an illuminated prawn – I’ll add photos later.

The final page is the golden plaice. I wanted it to look like Fish and chips – the anchovies are the ‘small fries’ or chips. Unfortunately I left this page til last so it is a bit less developed than some of the others. This is an unfinished version without prawn ( being swallowed) and some extra pop up anchovies.

Overall I’m very happy with how thi sproject has progressed. I am pleased with my rough and how it all came together at the end. All the pages would need work – some more than others, but I think I could show this rough off to potenial employers without the need to start spending a lot more more money now on expensive printing. If I was to take it further personally than the next step would be just that – sourcing the correct paper and printing technique. I’d want quite a few of the images printed on both sides.

I found my research and my essay very helpful for this project, by looking into nonsense and the ideas about its rules and purpose I found a lot of inspiration. It also carried on well from my previous essay and I explored Freud in greater detail which was rewarding.

The main area where I think I possibly let myself down was by not continuing with colour which was something that at the start I had set out to do. My theoretical research led me to the conclusion that it was not appropriate for this project, but I think it could work vry well in colour and although it might alter the implied audience it woud most certainly improve its commercial appeal. Having said that this project is a big step forward in commercial viability compared to my last one so maybe I am progressing in this way. Now that my loan is running out and Ive started applying for any job i can find, life is really motivating me to find more financial benefits from th stuff I love doing.

What next? Well it is becoming apparent that my MA is focusing on humour and that perhaps this has always been one of the central themes to my illustration. I also like to develop new processes having already taken on screenprinting and paper engineering. As I touched on in my essay these structures seem to help balance out my natural tendency towards expressive marks and absurdity. So do I find another process to develop or stick with what I’m doing? I think there is a lot I can still do with pop ups so I want to carry on this research, I want to get more colourful and I want to use my typographic skills more because I enjoy typography and use it a lot in my design work.

 It was by using a computer that provided the necessary technical structure for my flyers, and the format and printing. Before that I was always about books, books and books. so do I stick with making books or do i do something bigger? I was considering making some large pictures for my final show, maybe large scale cartoons or picture narratives. I have also considered wrting a short story for children ala my hero Roald Dahl. I also have a childrens book that I wrote when I was ten that Id like to revisit called Ozzy and Boogy Boogy Boo!

I like rules and writing so Oulipo is an area I should research into, perhaps I can apply these kind of rule to my visual work, or to my reimagining of stories I wrote as a child – with an xtra dimension through paper engineering. That sounds intresting..



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