2nd Project – recap and evaluation part 1.

My main inspirations for this project were the Edward Gorey pop up book ‘The Dwindling Party and the artist Samuel Fallours. I realised that I wanted to experiment with paper engineering. Both Gorey and Fallours used a lot of nonsense in their art and I have long been interested in nonsense as a genre so this seemed like a good area to study. Here I shall recap on what I have done and show some highlights, although you will find much more if you trawl back through my blog since March.

I also wanted to make use of the wonderful cornish seaside so my practical research started with drawing and photographing rockpools.

This research took me to many beautiful beaches around Cornwall.

Praa Sands.

I found many beautiful things.

Strawberry Anemones.

Shells and barnacles.

Velvet crab.

Hermit crab.I started to sketch the things that I found.

Crab fragment.
dible crab pieces

Flotsam and jetsom.

Rockpool on Castle beach.

If I couldn’t find it on the beach, I bought it from a shop (and sometimes managed to draw it before I ate it.. )

I experimented with Fallour-ish colour.

Then I started making Characters.

I came up with an idea for a story inspired by ‘The dwindling party’ but involving sea creatures on a journey to find ‘the golden plaice’ which in the story is a fish but is actually the name of a fish and chip shop in Bath. I started writing the story in prose inspired by nonsense verse.

Bait Ball 1.

My early pop ups used my sketches and my characters to illustrate scenes from my story.

Cans 1.


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