Artists who inspire me.. in no particular order

Sara FanelliAn inspiration for so long, makes it seem so easy to make the unusual and absurd so beautiful.

Quentin BlakeThe Twits, The BFG and Georges Marvellous Medicine remain my three favourite illustrated books of all time! Shortly followed by The Enormous Crocodile and Revolting Rhymes. Quentin Blake puts so much life and energy into his drawings. I find it hard to read Roald Dahls books illustrated by anyone else. Go to his website and see how to make a childrens book .. in 10 mins. I also enjoyed seeing him on Jackanory drawing a story live onto a wall. Thats an idea i’d like to try.


Rolf Harris

I used to love Rolfs Cartoon Time where Rolf played cartoons and showed us how to draw the characters in real time. I met him once and he drew a Rolfaroo on my t shirt. I also won a competition to ‘draw like Rolf’ when i was about 14. And I like his songs, especially ‘Groundhog Hunt’.

David Carson

Studying Graphic Design in the mid 90’s its hard to say how influential David Carson was at this time, he made typography SO cool, his work for Raygun magazine and his book The End of Print made type an expressive medium where legibility was just another structure to play with.Changed design forever – unfortunately so many people tried to copy his style badly that it now seems almost careless and cheap. But his original work still has a power that is well worth checking out












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