The Lambada ( homophonic translation of a syllabic series ) pt1.

These images and words derive from taking reducing the tune of The Lambada into a syllabic series – be ba ba beda bo – and translating it into something that is recognisable  whilst keeping the same structure. So -be ba ba beda bo – becomes -me papa bed a ho- and also -she Nana met a foe – .. for the first image I wrote a passage inspired by the translation and then drew an image in response to that (using a famous photograph of John Lennon in bed as inspiration) . . For the second I drew an image (using a wolfsbane album cover as inspiration.) in response to the translation and then wrote the words. The idea for this exercise comes from the Bibliotheque Oulipienne . see Georges Perec , Italo Calvino. Although in the example, there is no drawing part of the exercise.


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