Terribly far fetched Russians.

Filigranes: Poemes du vide (Edges: poems of emptiness). Biblioteque Oulipienne 34. Oulipo Compendium pg 80.

Poems of Emptiness are formed by taking a word and listing other words commonly associated with that word then using these words to create the text. You must not use the given word or include any extra words. For instance

A camel knitting in a haystack ( needle ).

I started by using the word WOLF. So the group of words included things such as LONE   IN SHEEPS CLOTHING   KEEP THE AWAY FROM THE DOOR   BIG BAD   AIR   WERE   SPIDER   GRAY   WHITE   ALPHA

My ‘edge’ is Lone alpha casanova, social predator – gray spider – encounters big bad mother in sheeps clothing. Keep the Eurasion pack litter away from the door.

loosening the contraints slightly I took all the words i had written down and picked them individually ignoring their original links.

Lone are the social predators protected away from the den door. Captive mother, wild pack. Gray encounters white whose afraid of air. Keep away from the big bad howling spider.

I then tried doing this for Sergei Pankejeff ( Freuds wolfman ) . I looked up information on him and wrote sown significant words or phrases but still omitted the word wolf. FREUD   PSYCHOANALYSIS   BIOGRAPHY   CASE   LIFE   SISTER PATIENT OF SIGMUND FREUD etc.

My edge Terribly far fetched Russians suffering from the longest case of patient bowel movements cutting him off from the terrified sleeping dogs.

I then tried splitting my edges and combining them to make new lines. The Oulipo use this method with familiar lines and call the technique perverse for  example

Once more unto the berries harsh and crude, I come to pluck your breach, dear friends, once more. OC pg 78

My perverse Terribly far fetched Russian aristocrats are the social predators suffering movements or Lone are the social predators suffering from cutting, away from the den door, from the terrified sleeping dogs. I chose to cut the lines more than once and rearange things a bit more than maybe the Oulipo intended.


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