Artist – Jon McNaught

Images from Pebble Island by Jon McNaught

Pebble Island is a beautiful piece of work that celebrates the beauty in little things such as a fish jumping or ants eating an apple.

Any image with a wolf in is interesting to me at the moment , I love the colours and the vertical lines (or bars).

‘McNaught teases out moments of drama through developingsimple graphic contrast, connecting seperate panels, raising the pich slowly to a moment of silent epiphany, moving from a nine-panel page to a single full-page image.’ varoom spring 2011 pg 21

I love how time moves so slowly in his narratives and that simple things can be cherished. Theres no need for huge drama because a walk along a beach is so full of amazement. HIs style is graphic but the lines, colours and compositions all seem so soft that they emanate a lovely atmosphere, its almost as if we are in a magical world where the sun is always either rising or setting.


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