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Japanese bridge demon


Artist – Bernie Fuchs (Incredible)



Another American Illustrator.. Bernie Fuchs was born in 1932, he always wanted to be a trumpet player but lost three fingers in an accident so turned to art. He graduated from the Washington University in St.Louis, Missouri in 1954 and began illustrating car adrvertisements for a studio in Detroit. He would go on to work for many magazines such as Sports illustrated, McCalls and Redbook. He produced portraits of several US presidents including JFK, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan and also sport stars including Mohammede Ali and Jack Nicklaus. He is the youngest Illustrator ever to be elected to the Society of Illustrators hall of fame. He died in 2009.

He was obviously an incredible draughtsman, I think the images i have shown here represent the looser side of his paintings which appeal to me the most. I find them completely inspiring and it shows how important good drawing skills are how hard work (learning to draw) can really pay off. It also makes me want to paint again, which I didnt think was on my agenda but now I can see it coming.





















































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