Raymond Briggs – Ethel and Ernest (actually made me cry a little..)










Ethel and Ernest by Raymond briggs published in 1998. It tells the true story of his parents lives together from their early romance, through the war and finally to their death beds ~( 1928 -1971). I found it incredibly moving, their relationship is beautifully observed often centering around Ernests working class labour sensitivities played off against Ethels more conservative viewpoints. Raymond desire to go to art school is met with howls of pain from his working class parents and every time he visits his mother offers him a comb for his long hippy hair!

An excellent profile of Raymond Briggs from the guardian is to be found here

I particularly like this quote because it ties  in with the way i am trying to work where you take an idea, no matter how strange initially then run with it, expand it and persue it to its natural conclusions. This is similar to how Deborah Levy got us to examine the Wolfman which was an excellent workshop for me.

  • Briggs acknowledges that his work is often initially prompted by fantasy, “like a snowman or a bogeyman”, but is then pursued entirely logically and realistically. “Fungus the Bogeyman is a working-class person going off to do his job every day,” he explains. “He is fed up with it and wondering what life is all about. What do we know about Father Christmas? He’s old and fat and has a working-class sort of job a bit like my dad, who was a milkman. Because he’s been doing it all his life and he gets cold, dirty and tired, it’s perfectly logical that he would be fed up with it and so he is going to be grumpy.”

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