College so far..

Tutorial with Steve.

I had a good discussion with Steve, mainly about the ‘I keep thinking it’s Tuesday’ work that I was doing at the time. Steve pointed out that I frequently use Irony in my work and lent me his essay ‘Any old Irony’. This essay examines the use of Irony in Edward Goreys The Willowdale Handcart and uses helpful diagrams to help show how things become ironic.

Tutorial with Catrin.

Heavy with a cold i found it hard to think in my tutorial with Catrin which didnt help when trying to explain my intentions. We discussed that I felt I was ‘floating’ slightly and wanted to form a more concrete idea of a project to get to grips with. I brought in ‘Ossie and Boogy Boogy Boo’ a book i made for the infants at my primary school when I was 10 years old. We discussed how I might potentially remake the book using some of the techniques of constraint and wordplay that I have been experimenting with.

 1st Crit presentation.

The first time we have had a crit with the new bunch and I presented first. It was useful although I would have liked more time, my next presentation will hopefully require me to talk less so there is more time for feedback. Some useful coments regarding my use of colour and also questions as to why I want to use colour for this project. Vicky suggested she liked it when I useda more restricted palette and still kept the tonal values from my black and white drawings. I agree that the colour pencil can seem almost garish and too bright – although I think a bit of photoshop desaturating and brightness/contrast tweaking can solve this for print at least.


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