Catch up..

Its been a very busy period for me in the last 2 weeks, so busy I havent had a chance to pay attention to my blog. I had a tutorial with Mat where I raised my concerns about not really having a large project to get going with. I feel that i’m doing lots of work but it is currently centred around lots of small things. He reassured me and we had an in depth analysis of my practice which helped me refocus on the core elements of this unit for me -humour and absurdity.

I have been in contact with Zoe Mogridge in regard to getting a funded placement in cornwall. We discussed possibly working with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust or This Is Cornwall magazine. I’m awaiting Zoe to get back to me. I have made an animal specific blog for the wildlife trust to look at in case they are interested, we floated the idea of making some simple pop up cards or books for their shop. animal blog

I’ve set up the 2011-2012 Authorial Illustration blog . The collaborative project ‘Ways to hide a Rag Fief’ is now up and a few of my classmates have added their details. I expect more will follow – it wasnt until the end of last year that I got everyones details on the last one.

I have also done a two day workshop with Deborah Levy including a lecture and a book reading which was excellent as well as an etching induction both of which I shall write about in more depth in separate posts. Oh and I’ve been working on a collaborative project with some writers and illustrators for a Christmas story project. Im currently at the final stage with just some minor alterations (after consulting with the writer of my story -Daniel Oparison) to go but Im very happy with how it’s going. I don’t want to post it b4 it’s finished but here’s a bit of a taster…


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