The ABSURD EVENT poster no.1

This is one of my screen prints for this years Illustration forum.It is an edition of eighty although in the end 75 survived. It represents a Norwegian Blue parrot as immortalized in Monty Python’s dead parrot sketch.It is an X parrot – the X standing for ten as in the tenth anniversary.. I have printed black then blue onto white paper, I then printed white over the names of the speakers as the blue was a bit too dull. I am very happy with the shades of blue this has created especially the tones on the lettering. I was very influenced by Tara books when making this poster and they inspired me to create the fine line work on some of the birds feathers. I will be making another poster for the forum later this month.

These photos show the printing process. I managed to produce a much more consistent finish than my last effort at screen printing and I am very pleased with the quality of the output.

The original design.


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