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Stan Fine

Stan Fine was an American cartoonist who spent a year illustrating Art Linkletter’s kids. He also employed gag writers such as Terry Wampler and was highly prolific, he worked for many publications including The National enquirer, The Evening Post and Woman’s world.

A Child’s Garden of Misinformation – harvested by Art Lineker.

This book is a collection of quotes from Children illustrated by Charles Saxon. It falls nicely into the same category as the Hummingbird quotes because I find some of the examples to be really brilliant and very funny. I’m going to note down examples which I may find useful for another version of the hummingbird story – and some others I think are particularly good.. Here we go..

Ancient was a long time ago, maybe even before that. 

Thence is like Then, only much longer ago.

It may seem strange that Socrates was born in 470 and died in 399, but everybody in those days lived backwards.

Olden sailors were often battered about by fierce unexpected squaws.

Columbus first sighted land at page 22.

Disobinate sailors were put in charge of a cat with nine tails.

Diogenes spent his time wandering around with a lantern looking for the discovery of electricity.

A conoisewer was a member of the french underground.

When the Roman Army was defeated, General Upheaval took over the government. He did this several times.

Q. On some clear nights we do not see the moon, Why not? A. Because of invisable clouds.

The first person actually go to the moon was a monkey.

It is 93 million miles from the earth to the sun as the crow flies.

It will not be as bad coming back from the moon. It is downhill all the way.

If you see a Martin, don’t shoot! It’s not from Mars it’s only a bird.

It takes the earth 24 hours to roll over.

The sky is like a wall to wall ceiling.

A hybrid is something that is not it’s real self.

A period is to let the writer know he has finished his thought and he should stop there if he will only take the hint.