Work Placement.

My work Placement with SLUT/LOVE RIOT is in full swing now and I am working on several t-shirt designs. The Legends tee is filling up nicely with drawings from photos of famous reprobates and assorted props.. I still need to draw local Helston legend ‘Lloyd’ and a Mars bar (!), also some undergarments, some narcotics, a burning guitar and maybe a crashed Ferrari.

Another design I have been working on is the Masked Ball tee shirt. This has involved hand drawing the logos of performers and participants from the Masked Ball over the years. This is by no means a finished composition or line up but you’ll get the basic idea.

Another tee I have been working on is based on a tee shirt that is popular in Bali, where there is a big surf scene obviously, this tee features a design of the bottle top for Bintang beer. The idea I have been asked to do is change the wording from Bintang to Benchong which is apparently the Balinese name for a ladyboy. !.. I have successfully recreated the design. I was quite taken by the bottletop format and went on to incorporate other Slut logos/images and even the Porthleven death Race logo – which is the next tee I will be designing.


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