Golden Plaice..Page 0. print preparations.

PAGE O is a new page in my book before the original first page that introduces the characters, it also means I don’t have to put so much type on the old first page. I have made several new drawings and used new typfaces as explained previously.

I bought some acetate on EBAY that I can use in the college studio printer which will hopefully save me a lot of time and money. I have separated this image into layers for screen printing and printed out the acetates. However as soon as I did this I noticed some mistakes that mean I have to print them again – so I’m still wasting money ..The biggest mistake is that it should be CASUAL SHRIMP ! the others were minor niggles with which bit should be which colour. I have made my book much bigger than the original, going from 20cm x 20cm spreads to 30cm x 30cm, It looks great for this page but I am worried that it may be too big for the other pages – we shall see, i may need to changeit5. Here are the separates as it stands.

This first layer I am intending to be red/pink/purple. I want all the colours I use to be reasonably similar, no huge contrasting effects.

This layer will be a light/bright blue.

This layer will be a dark purplish blue.

Some images I found useful and inspiring..


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