The Golden Plaice. page 1 print preparations.

This fold out page is the biggest and one of the most populated in the book. I will have to make several screens to create it.

The background image is a combination of drawings from life and from my beach photography. I think I will print this is just one colour – dark blue possibly, although part of me would love to split it into separates.

The text will have to be printed onto the reverse of the background. The black circles will be cut out. I have been informed that Trago Mills sell circle cutters for £4 so I will need to buy one and experiment.

These are all the Characters and props for page 1. I may print some onto a thinner coloured paper for the weeds and less important additions. My drawing of some crab remains (below) has become a useful prop in this scene. It will be on the insides of the flaps that open. I want to give the impression that the scene is almost a circular image, a 360 degrees panorama that is complete until you open it.


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