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Hummingbirds developments.


Things to do.

I have an awful lot to do to get ready for my show in September. I really need to focus on the things that have to be done and not get distracted. Therefore I shall write a list of the most important things to get done first.


Pop up for page 1 with all imagery screen printed.


1.Prepare screen for next print. This should include a background for the basking shark page, the remaining characters for the octopus page – blennie, prawn, shrimp, crab, prawnella. tentacles.

2. Work out all the remaining typography and get it proof read by at least three people.

3. Characters for the bait ball.


Prepare a set of pictures for screen printing to see how they work.


Spend time updating blog which has been neglected due to the sheer weight of practical work I have been doing, start mapping out the final essay and putting my relevant research onto my research journal.

Mat Johnstone Paper engineering workshop / Page O full 3 colour screen prints.

Mat Johnstone who is a paper engineer came in on Friday and together we looked at my book and tried to work out ways of making the pop ups more exciting. firstly we looked at some of his books and some great examples of other work. We talked about Robert Sabuda who is a kind of paper engineering genius and can get away with doing stuff that other engineers cant because of his reputation.

Mat helped me with some of the pops in my book, on page one we looked at creating more movement by adding paper at an angle instead of parallel  to the central crease. One very good tip was that to create a greater sense of movement you can have two things moving in opposite ways.

On the shark page we looked at the folds I had already made and Mat suggested a slightly better way which allowed the shark to be slightly bigger and come out at a slight angle so as to enhance the perspective.

Then we looked at one of Sabuda’s trademark folds and attempted to recreate it. We both tried but Mat made it slightly before me! still it is a very dynamic fold and I will use it for the angler fish in my book.

Usefully, Mat brought some paper with him that he would normally use for paper engineering and suggested a particular scalpel blade 10a . He also worked using double sided sticky tape which worked well and was less messy or prmanent as pva glue.

The first page in 3 colours, these have been screen printed then assembled in photoshop. i’m trying to get an old printed feel to the whole thing so I quite like it where it has started to yellow. Recently I’ve been marvelling at some old Orlando the marmalade cat books which Im sure will prove very inspirational as I carry on printing this book.


I have also been preparing the separates for the next page (it’s going to take ages!), so far I’ve done the characters but I need to do all the props and the background.

Edward Lear 200 today

“He belongs to a Pythonesque English comic tradition of keeping the lid on desperation by making a joke of it, and setting it in a charmed fantastical world of its own.”

Peter Swaab. The Telegraph. link

Peter Swaab is the editor of ‘Over the Land and Over the Sea: Selected Nonsense and Travel Writings of Edward Lear’ (Carcanet). See also