Absurd – the video nasty

Being a big fan of both absurdity and classic movie posters, I was glad to stumble upon this  video nasty. It’s an 1981 Italian horror film directed by Joe D’Amato which had many different monikers and has been slightly derided as an Italian Halloween. It was one of 39 titles successfully banned under the obscene publications act in 1984. It was a scene in its prequel Antropophagus which really stirred up some trouble, in this scene a mad man strangles a pregnant woman while pulling the fetus from her womb and then devouring it. . ! .. in reality this was done using a skinned rabbit drenched with fake blood.. ! .. and was apparently so realistic that the filmakers were attacked and accused of actually using a real foetus .. !! I think this story is firmly weighted in the violation circle (see my presentation on the absurd) so as its hard to find much in it in the way of humour, and it’s certainly not something that I’m going to seek out and try to watch, but it is still certainly absurd. Films will always have the element of absurdity, we arrive at a movie already fully aware that it’s not real but just in real life we must try to accept and suspend our disbelief.


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