The Prawn Process

Prawn and Shrimp look back in anguish as Lobster is swallowed by the shark.

Observed drawings from real life or photograph.

Areas are removed digitally.

Casual Shrimps features are added to the image.

Now that I am making a new version of my pop up book The Golden Plaice I need lots more drawings of the fishy characters. Throughout the book the drawing range from ones which are quite accurate and adapted from realistic drawings and those which are much more cartoonish. When it has come to screen print them I have found I prefer the more realistic drawings. These drawing start with observing a prawn or shrimp closely either from real life or a photograph. I then draw them and scan in the drawn picture. I then digitally remove sections of the drawing where the characters clothes or features need to be and print out a copy of the resulting image.I then draw the extra features onto the print out and rescan the image.

Red separation layer.

Blue separation layer.

Black separation layer.

This image must then be split into 3 colour layers for making the transparencies needed to screen print.


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