Some delightful Illustrations and illustrators who I love.

Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin drawn by E.H Shepard

I’ve been in the library today going through the illustrated books and reminding myself of wonderful artists and aquainting myself with some new names. I am thinking in particular of artists who have a slightly old fashioned style which can help inspire my prawn drawings.

E.H.Shepard’s drawings for Winnie the Poo are delightful because they feel so fresh and full of life, I am intrigued by the way the important areas of the picture are always focussed on and the areas around can be filled in quite messily. This is perhaps similar in style to Arthur Rackam’s illustrations for The Wind in the Willows.

Mole and Ratty illustrated by Arthur Rackham.

The trouble with prawns lies s that no one would really describe them as cute and so when anthropomorphising them it is harder to create a warm character, they are actually very alien looking it would be much easier to put them in a sci fi situation than in a friendly story. They are also, apart from their legs, very stiff – by which i mean they do bend but they don’t twist and they hard to draw from the front due to their whiskers and pointy bits.

Jan Pienkowski’s Haunted House.

Jan Pienkowski’s illustrations also feel a bit old fashioned now but they have also been highly influential to many contemporary and aspiring children’s book illustrators. The pop ups in the haunted house all have one initial pop up and then a pully or spinner that reveals a hidden extra.


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