Cognitive Illusions/Capitalism

‘We live in a world where a constellation of cognitive illusions – that infinite growth can be sustained on a finite planet, that consumerism can make us happy, that corporations are persons – are dragging us into an ecological apocalypse. These cognitive illusions won’t disappear because they’ve been proven false – they must be overcome at a deeper level. We need something more, even, than what has passed for activism thus far. We must spark an epiphany, a world wide flash of insight that renders our blind spots visible once and for all. This collective awakening begins the moment we look inward and ask ourselves. Am I caught in a grand cognitive illusion?’

Cognitive Illusions. Adbusters UK July/AUG 2012 Vol 20 no.4 Micah White

I think with dread the readjustment of the habits and instincts of the ordinary man, bred into him for countless generations, which he may be asked to discard within a few decades. to use the language of today – must we not expect a general ‘nervous breakdown’

The reality is that humans often solve crises by escaping the intellectual prison they have made for themselves.

The Spiritual Crisis of Capitalism. Adbusters UK July/AUG 2012 Vol 20 no.4. Stuart Smithers.

A couple of useful articles in Adbusters that I found relevant to the absurd and Marteinson’s theory of Ontic-Epistemic humour and the theories that humour is similar to adaptability and is central to what makes us human. It is in our very nature to construct these systems of belief that allow us to process information quickly and safely and when we realise that these systems  are not necessarily the whole truth it can be very scary or it can be humoress or perhaps both. On a large social scale capitalism and consumerism is a very unfair system, but it has brought incredible advancements in science and technology. If it was to work properly then it would potentially create a world where there was no need for anyone to work, if it fails completely it may create a world where there is no work for anyone. If the people of the world were left with no work to do would they have to face up to the absurd? ‘Nirvana or nervous breakdown’.


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