Typography as it stands.

I have completed most of the printing that is essential to creating my book. What has been so lovely about doing the printing is that I now have a large wealth of beautiful printed imagery to play around with and use if I want to. I have been working hard on the typography for the book and I have been including printed elements and printed punctuation. The type was always designed to be quite extravagant and wild but hopefully I have not sacrificed readability in favour of style. Here is the typography as it currently stands along with several compositions that I havent posted yet.

This is page 0, a new page that was not in my original rough. Every element on this page has been screen printed then scanned and assembled. 

This is page 1 which opens up from the centre to reveal a large pop up rockpool panorama. The circles are holes that show prawn and shrimp who move when the page is open. The imagery surrounding the circles may not be necessary I will see how it looks when assembled.

Another new page really, this page precedes the bottles and cans pop up page that no longer has any typography on it.

There are two pop ups on this page, the angler fish lifts up to show it eating blennie and the salmon fold out revealing the next part of the story.

This is inside the salmon fold out along with a pop up salmon or two.
The shark pops out and creates a shadow, at least that’s the idea.

The next bits all pop out on folds from the bait ball page and contain small pop up pieces.

Large Whales pop up vertically from this page.

The last bit of type, this page will feature a small tumbling pop up prawn.

The last page where the prawn is swallowed by the plaice leaving his bag and umbrella behind.


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