Monthly Archives: August 2012

Book Cover

I spent yesterday afternoon with Tom O’Reilly at the Little Egret Press. Tom showed me the process of hot foil blocking using the design I had engraved. It takes a while to get the correct heat and pressure worked out but we got there in the end. Tom was kind enough to donate cloth in several different colours and even two bits of leather which look absolutely beautiful. I have not used leather before but I managed to make the cover below – using wall paper paste which help to make the leather maleable. You beauty! Check out Tom’s amazing books here


Posters for Final Show

My final poster designs, one black and white showing how I separated some of the characters for printing and a colour one showing most of the printed fish.

Reflection on Practice

These are some page designs I made for a small book reflecting on my MA, not finished yet but something I might complete after the course has finished..