Paper and printing tests.

I have been testing new papers for my pop up book as the canneletto that I am using is not deigned for ink jet printing and I am loosing a great deal of quality. I have bought a pack of test papers from Hahnemuhle and the difference in the quality of print is staggering. It is just a matter of finding the right one.

Hahnemuhle Photo rag 220gsm has a great finish, the epson printer I am using currently has the wrong black in it for opimum on matt paper but the semi matt setting produces a good finish, I will change to the other black when it runs out. It is coated both sides which is a requirement as some pages in my book need double sided printing. This paper is too thin, it does come in a 276 gsm version so I will try and get a sample of that.

Bamboo 290 gsm, (90% bamboo fibre) also a geat print and about the same gsm as the paper I used to make my rough. It is also slightly off white which is good.

Photo Rag 305gsm Ultra smooth. Possibly too thick and only coated on one side but again a great finish.

I have also ordered some 250, semi gloss, double coated ink jet samples from spectrum print which will hopefully arrive soon. I also want to get a sample of the photo rag 276 gsm.



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