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The Temporary Society of Authorial Illustrators.

The Temporary Society of Authorial Illustrators is a group of recent graduates and current students of University College Falmouth’s Illustration: Authorial Practice MA course. The ethos of this course is to encourage students to identify and explore new contexts for the culture of illustration. This openness to novel forms and ideas with regards to illustration is reflected in the diversity of stylistic and ideological concerns of the collective concerns, which often lie outside of the conventional boundaries ascribed to commercial illustration. Within our group artists are producing abstract images, making installations from their images, using images to tell oblique narratives, and experimenting with improvised drawing on a massive scale. What unites all these diverse practitioners is a shared sense of excitement at the possibilities for new forms for illustration to take and new contexts for it to exist in. As a collective we have a shared interest in the conscious employment of creative process. Constraints and games are used as an aid to creativity; they are often used in the form of creative collaborations between members of the collective. These activities range from improvisation to parlour games, sometimes developing into more complex and deliberate devices taking influence from diverse sources. These include the Oulipo movement, Luke Reinhart’s Dice Man experiments and Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies. The latter have been used for more elaborate collaborations resulting in some surprising, occasionally baffling, but always interesting results.

The Alternative Fresher’s Fair went very well, we sold some work, networked and held the very first CAT DISCO which was a great way of getting people interested and involved.

The TSOAI now has it’s own blog where we are running an interactive narrative game. You can also find us on Facebook here


Leviathan 24 hour comic event

L-R (top row) Donya Todd, Dave Hooper, Stephen Noshie, Dave Smith, Pete Murgatroyd, John Kilburn, Jake Rowlinson, Chris Hunt, Joe Lyward, Tom Barwick, (bottom row) Rebecca Jones, Xander Lee, Jack Teagle and Josh Neal.




I was lucky enough to be invited to Plymouth University’s 24 hour comic event – Leviathan. Part of Plymouth’s international book week. Myself and 11 talented artists started drawing at 12 noon on Wednesday 19th September, the aim was to create a 24 page comic (inspired by Moby Dick) by 12 noon the next day. I managed to complete mine in 22 hours and 40 mins.. It’s actually the first comic I’ve ever made. Having also re-read The Diceman by Luke Rhineart recently I decided to use a six sided die to make decisions on what happened next in my story. This certainly helped me when I was stuck and led to some drawings I would certainly never have made otherwise. It was very inspiring to work alongside some brilliant artists.

Check out my full comic here 

Check out the others here

Getting started.


Pages 5 and 6. Still quite early in the day…

4.40 am .. Still going strong.


Jack Teagle’s first four pages. See his website here

 Donya Todd’s sketch book – see her work here


Pete Murgatroyd, myself and Dave Smith in the witching hours.

Reflection on Practice

These are some page designs I made for a small book reflecting on my MA, not finished yet but something I might complete after the course has finished..