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It’s been a while… a quick catch up.

I have just realised that it has been well over a year since i updated this blog. Things have been so busy since I finished my Masters. i have kept my website, facebook and twitter going but this has fallen behind. Hopefully now I will be able to get back to some research and I think I will use this blog for my sketchbook – ideas, failed drawings and discoveries.


Lots of good things have happened in the last year. I have made seven copies of The Golden Plaice (my hand made pop-up book) the sixth of which was commissioned by The Yale Center for British Art and will go into the summer 2014 exhibition “Of Green Leaf, Bird, and Flower”: Artists’ Books and the Natural World. I also have another three books on order which I will hopefully get round to making sooner rather than later. I have made three 24 hour comics which are going to be published as a box set by Atlantic Press, the first of which ‘The Leviathan’ is also currently being published in instalments by Snuff Comix in Italy. My work has also found it’s way into several issues of the incredible Tiny Pencil and I have recently starting helping out on the production and design side of things as well. Most recently I was delighted to be asked to do a picture for Mutation Zine. A brand new zine from Pete Murgatroyd ft. international artists celebrating “Amateurism” (creating for the love of the work) in illustration, music and digital art. I have also had several exhibitions including guest printmaker at the Print Shop Bristol, The Tobacco factory, Falmouth Poly (twice) and my own gallery & events space 64 Killigrew St. We have also curated several fantastic shows (`Foldzine, Homage..)with upcoming debuts by Irene Vidal and Ben Peers. 


Feature – Business Boom Collective

Many thanks to Business Boom Collective for featuring my work.

‘Business Boom Collective is the ideal place to see features of up-and-coming and freelance creatives from the UK and beyond. In collaboration with a collection of modern and slick websites including Business Boom Bolton, The Mancunianist as well as our latest store feature, I Think I Need I Want, it is the perfect place to read up on the brightest individuals and most current businesses linked to the worlds of fashion, photography, art, design and more.’

Check it out here

Illustration Friday – Book

Some of the Characters from my hand-made pop up book The Golden Plaice. Screen prints and pencil drawings. See more here

Posters for Final Show

My final poster designs, one black and white showing how I separated some of the characters for printing and a colour one showing most of the printed fish.


I have been making the final rough of The Golden Plaice. It has been keeping me very busy.

Page one posed lots of questions regarding how much colour to use. After making 3 new versions I decided against using the screen prints I had done for the background and the plants. They worked much better in black and white. A shame after doing so much work.. I kept the prawn and shrimp in colour and I have decided I like the printed borders around the holes. Inside I have tried to create as much movement as possible by attached leaves on diagonals and keeping it quite loose. This page gets better the more you add and takes at least a whole day to make.

The octopus page works as a fold very well, I’m still not certain about which different coloured pieces to use. I tried making the tentacles pink which has worked. The biggest problem is getting the printer to print in exactly the same place on both sides of the paper.

Page three is looking good. I had to devise some better ways of keeping the flaps down and they will be a bit more polished the next time I make it.

The basking shark is looking great, can’t wait to see it on high quality paper. I just need to move the word DAY down onto the next line which will help the scanning.

I tried a different fold on the bait ball page in an attempt to create more movement. It doesn’t really work so I shall go back to the previous style in the final version. I made fish into little latches for the flaps but unfortunately they dont last very long so I need to think of something else.

The Whales are working very smoothly now, I love the type and prawns whiskers!

I decided to redesign the dark page, I am now using the fold I tried out on the baitball page which did not work. It works well on this page because it makes prawn turn upside down just like in the poem.

The Golden Plaice is working well. I used a gradient inside his mouth which needs a bit of tweaking but otherwise it’s ready to go.